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- Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 2014 SAVE THE DATE October 4th, 2014!!!
MORCA Monthly Beginner Ride and Fort Ord Warhorse Day

Next month the MORCA beginner ride is in conjunction with Friends of the Fort Ord Warhorse "4th annual Warhorse Day!!" being held at the Marina Equestrian Center.

For more information and to sign up please go to"

posted: 21 Apr, 2014
MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for April 2014

Take a look at the MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes.

They include:

- Opening remarks
- FORA-ESCA Update
- Trail Work
- Treasurers Report
- and more......

April 2014 Meeting Minutes

The next meeting is Monday May 5th location TBD.

posted: 16 Apr, 2014
Important MORCA Updates



starting on Thursday April 10th!!!

We still need volunteers for the Dual Slalom on Friday & Saturday and the MORCA booth on Sunday.
For current volunteer openings and to sign up see the website at

BIGGER NEWS!!! MORCA Raffle at Sea Otter

MORCA has some great raffle prizes this year to raise funds for Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day in October.

Raffle Prizes include:

Generously donated by FOX a FOX Fork of the winners choice for their bike!!
Yes, you heard it right, the fork of your choice if you are the winner!! Yeah FOX! A huge thank you!!

Cyclepath Shuttling donated a $350 gift certificate to use for their services such as guiding, repairs, custom shuttle service or towards a multi day tour! These are sweet tours and you get taken care of at the highest level!!

Cyclepath Shuttling has also donated a Genesis ONIX men's, black, medium, single speed, 29er cruiser. It's a sweet ride that drew attention at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival this past weekend where it was on display.

MagicShine donated 15 bike lights to MORCA last year for our help running the Sea Otter Night Ride. We will be raffling five (5) of these 2000 lumen MJ-880 lights as part of the raffle. Winners can blaze their way through the night.

Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00 and will be sold during Sea Otter at the MORCA booth. Drawing will be held Saturday afternoon at Sea Otter.

There may be more raffle prizes to follow, so keep in touch with the MORCA Facebook page or google group.

In Other News: The weekly MORCA Ladies Ride will now move to Friday at 4:30 pm. The change is effective from April 18th and is reflected on the MORCA Website calendar.

posted: 8 Apr, 2014
MORCA Monthly Member Meeting for April

The MORCA Monthly meeting is Monday, April 7th at Black Bear Diner in Monterey from 6:30 to 8pm.

We will be covering the details for the Sea Otter Classic that starts on Thursday. There are still volunteer shifts to be filled for the dual slalom and the in the booth, so if you are available, please sign up or let us know how you can help. We will be working in both the IMBA booth, AND our own booth where we have some great prizes to raffle off. This is our biggest event of the year, so please come out and help or at least enjoy the event and enter the raffle!

Click here to view the agenda.

posted: 7 Apr, 2014
The Sheep Are Baaaack!!!

posted: 31 Mar, 2014
MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for March 2014

Take a look at the MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes.

They include:

- Opening remarks
- FORA-ESCA Update
- Trail Work
- Treasurers Report
- and more......

March 2014 Meeting Minutes

The next meeting is Monday April 7th at the Black Bear Diner in Monterey.

posted: 10 Mar, 2014
Volunteer for MORCA at Sea Otter

The Sea Otter Classic is once again upon us April 10th through the 13th.

We need volunteers to help MORCA marshal the Dual Slalom, lead the Night Ride and staff the IMBA and MORCA booths. Volunteers will get free entry to the Sea Otter Festival, a T-Shirt, a great experience and maybe more.

Sign up to volunteer at:

posted: 4 Mar, 2014
MORCA Monthly Trail Day Pics

It was a Great trail work day last weekend. 31 workers including 18 youth (Scouts and local high schoolers working on community service hours). We got a lot of trail maintenance done on Trail 49 and 50 and finished our armoring project on trail 50. Here's a couple of pictures of our hard working members George, Karl and Nick.

Safety First!!

Karl dumping a load!!

Next trail day March 15th......

posted: 28 Feb, 2014
Why we don't Night Ride after rain....
California Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma Californiense, or CTS)

Breeding Behavior

In early winter, just after sufficient rains have fallen for the ground to be moist and for temporary pools to begin to form, these salamanders begin their nocturnal breeding migration. On rainy nights, the adults emerge from their underground burrows and roam, often more than a mile, to lay their eggs in these newly replenished vernal pools. Males typically outnumber females and often precede females to the ponds.


A threatened species, estimated to have disappeared from more than 50 percent of its historic range. Many populations have been extirpated due to loss of or fragmenting of suitable habitat through urbanization and agriculture. Hybridization with non-native Tiger Salamanders also threatens the continuity of this species. CTS are listed, under the Federal Endangered Species Act as "threatened." The California Fish and Game Commission in February of 2009 designated the California tiger salamander as a "candidate" for threatened or endangered status.


California Tiger Salamanders are considerably large for today’s amphibians. The male can reach 8.5 inches long and the females 7 inches. Males differ from females in their overall size as well as their enlarged cloacae during breeding season. The adults are stocky with round heads, protruding black eyes and long tails that curl around their body. They are slick, glistening black with yellowish spots and stripes on their back, sides and tail. These markings slightly resemble those of a tiger and earn the species their name. This yellowish color also outlines their wide mouth, which gives the appearance of broad painted smile. Like other salamanders, its body is low to the ground and its four legs protrude sideways from its body as though it were ready to run.

posted: 26 Feb, 2014
MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for Feb 2014

Take a look at the MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes.

They include:

- Opening remarks
- FORA-ESCA Update
- Trail Work
- Treasurers Report
- and more......

February 2014 Meeting Minutes

The next meeting is Monday March 3rd at the Black Bear Diner in Monterey.

posted: 9 Feb, 2014